Radicalizing Reformation – Provoked by the Bible and Today’s Crises

Die Reformation radikalisieren – provoziert durch Bibel und Krise
Radicalizando la Reforma – provocado por la Biblia y la crisis actual
Reforma em sua radicalidade – suscitada pela Bíblia e pela crise da atualidad

A critical research and action project to address the global crisis of survival from the sources of the Reformation

Around the Reformation anniversary in 2017, a global interdisciplinary group of scientists came together to examine the role of the Reformation in the current crises facing humanity and the earth. Did the Reformation contribute to the emergence of these crises – with their social, political, economic and religious effects? But doesn’t the Reformation also have the potential to offer ideas which can help to overcome crises? Thus, the Reformation would have to be radicalized, i.e. traced back to its critical and constructive roots.

Facing the Reformers, all traditions had to be judged according to the standard of Holy Scripture. Today’s social-historical reading of the Bible offers us a new, liberating perspective which opens up a life in justice relationships. In this way, the Reformation and the Bible can become sources of renewal in humanity’s crisis of survival.

After three international conferences, the “Radicalizing Reformation” working group formulated 94 theses as a policy paper for further work. The result are a publication series of 8 volumesselected volumes in English, Spanish and Portuguese as well as the Wittenberg Declaration of 2017.

The group is currently working on the Israel-Palestine issue (see volumes 7 and 8 of the series) and on a project on alternative economic forms (see the statement The Cry for a life-sustaining economy).